About Us

When hunger pangs are just irresistible for you, when you are looking for satisfying your tummy with yummy food, look nowhere else; The TUMMY SECTION is here.

The Tummy Section (Popular as Tummy among Youngeez) Established in August 2009 in West Delhi with just a handful of dedicated people who were hells bent upon providing the best food to nurture the taste buds and satisfy hunger for delicious & mouth watering food. We know what exactly to serve people.

We Specialize in Chicken Shawarma that became so popular amongst food lovers that many changed their taste to non-vegetarian to have the delight of eating this delectable dish.

We take care of all our customer requirements and so we ensure good quality food that is offered at cost effective pricing.

Hot & Juicy


Chicken Shawarma

Super Hot & Juicy Shawarma that melts in your mouth!!

Paneer Shawarma

Delight for Vegetarians, Hot & Fresh Paneer Shawarma!!

Egg Chicken Shawarma

Fusion of Kolkata & Mediterranean style (Kathi style)


Ultra Creamyyy

Creammy Chicken Lollypop

Deep Fried Lollies Sticks topped with Heavenly Cream

Creamy Drums of Heaven

Authentic drumsticks tossed in cream keeping Chinese flavors intact

Creamy Momos

New India’s current favorite with a creamy & Tangy flavour

Hot & Spicy


Chilli Chicken

Popular Indo-Chinese chilli chicken with a touch of addiction

Honey Chilli Potato

Juicy, Crunchy and Full of Flavour. Dilli’s Fav.

Chicken Shawarma Noodle

All time favorite noodles topped with chicken shawarma for unique flavors

Crunch- Crunch

Extra Crunchy

Crunchy Chicken Kebab

Extra Crisp Extra Yummy served with a tangy sauce

Crunchy Momos

On Popular demand turned this found into magical one with a Crunchy Touch

Crunchy Kebab Burger

Extra Crisp Extra Yummy served with a tangy sauce

Hot Selling Meter

What is your Favorite?

Chicken Shawarma 98%
Creamy Lollypop 92%
Crunchy Momos 89%
Egg Boat 89%
Creamy Drums of Heaven 87%
Paneer Shawarma 85%

Our Achievements

1 Million+ Shawarma’s

satisfying new tummy every minute. reaching new milestones every year.

We Serve with Passion

Our service is our backbone just like our food. #happytummies

1000+ Reviews on Zomato

trusted by foodies community. satisfying addiction since 2009

“Amazing food and experience”

Since 2009