Who we are

Our story starts from the gut; the tummy to be precise.

What happens when three friends bound by irrevocable love for food, zeal to experiment and no failed Goa plans come together: a saga of flavour! The Tummy Section is a proud culmination of our khoon, paseena and passion. Now we would like to share that satisfying addiction with you!

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Behind the taste

Pankaj Arora Pankaj Arora
Pankaj Arora

<b>Managing Director,</b><br><b>Financial Controller</b>

Nikhil Arora Nikhil Arora
Nikhil Arora

<b>Chief Executive Officer,</b><br><b>Director of Franchising</b>

Yash Suri Yash Suri
Yash Suri

<b> Chief Financial Officer,</b><br><b>Chief Finance Auditor</b>

Anish Mehendroo Anish Mehendroo
Anish Mehendroo

<b>Chief Operations Officer ,</b><br><b>Director of ODC</b>

Manish Reu Manish Reu
Manish Reu

<b>General Manager(CK),</b><br><b> GM Area (Delhi NCR)</b>

Diwakar Rawat Diwakar Rawat
Diwakar Rawat

<b>Director of SOP's,</b><br><b>VP: Franchising</b>

Yesh Pal Yesh Pal
Yesh Pal

<b>HR Officer,</b><br><b>Process Coordinator</b>

Imran Khan Imran Khan
Imran Khan

<b>Head of Production & Maintenance,</b><br><b>Catering Manager</b>

Gaurav Jha Gaurav Jha
Gaurav Jha

<b>Accounts Officer,</b><br><b>Accounts Payable</b>

Pooja Juneja Pooja Juneja
Pooja Juneja

<b>Accounts & Compliance Officer,</b><br><b>Accounts Receivables</b>

Rizwan Khan Rizwan Khan
Rizwan Khan

<b>Manager (Central Kittchen)</b>

Md. Wahid Md. Wahid
Md. Wahid

<b>Production manager (Central Kitchen) </b>

Humble beginnings often make for interesting stories

Our Story & Evolution