Who we are

Our story starts from the gut; the tummy to be precise.

What happens when three friends bound by irrevocable love for food, zeal to experiment and no failed Goa plans come together: a saga of flavour! The Tummy Section is a proud culmination of our khoon, paseena and passion. Now we would like to share that satisfying addiction with you!

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Behind the taste

Pankaj Arora Pankaj Arora
Pankaj Arora

Managing Director,
Financial Controller

Nikhil Arora Nikhil Arora
Nikhil Arora

Chief Executive Officer,
Director of Franchising

Yash Suri Yash Suri
Yash Suri

Chief Financial Officer,
Chief Finance Auditor

Anish Mehendroo Anish Mehendroo
Anish Mehendroo

Chief Operations Officer ,
Director of ODC

Manish Reu Manish Reu
Manish Reu

General Manager(CK),
GM Area (Delhi NCR)

Diwakar Rawat Diwakar Rawat
Diwakar Rawat

Director of SOP's,
VP: Franchising

Yesh Pal Yesh Pal
Yesh Pal

HR Officer,
Process Coordinator

Imran Khan Imran Khan
Imran Khan

Head of Production & Maintenance,
Catering Manager

Gaurav Jha Gaurav Jha
Gaurav Jha

Accounts Officer,
Accounts Payable

Pooja Juneja Pooja Juneja
Pooja Juneja

Accounts & Compliance Officer,
Accounts Receivables

Rizwan Khan Rizwan Khan
Rizwan Khan

Manager (Central Kittchen)

Md. Wahid Md. Wahid
Md. Wahid

Production manager (Central Kitchen)

Humble beginnings often make for interesting stories

Our Story & Evolution