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Desi Fusion of Videsi Food Ahead

We have been satisfying your tummy addictions since 2009. Leave the FOMO discover our authentic chartbusters like Shawario, Crunchwich, Ramly Range and the oh-so-iconic Cheeky Buns.

What Tummy Wants Tummy Gets

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Deconstruct Goodness

Indo-Ramly Burger

Cheeky Buns

Fresh buns seared with love & toasted on grill plate.

Filling of Choice

Juicy shredded chicken or braised veggies or paneer griddled with special spices & creamy sauce.

Golden Egg

A golden warm blanket of egg wrap for your choice of filling.

Mild Butter

Toasted with mild butter to give that extra smooth texture.

Saucy Condiments

Mashed with secretly saucy condiments to match your sass to give that punch of addiction.

Gooey Cheesey

Tummy-special blend of tanginess & mildness mixed perfectly.

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Tummy Points

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Order online from our website and redeem special points to add rewards to your tummy basket.

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Telltale Signs of a True Tummy Section

Roti, kapda aur makaan might be the three major necessities


The Saga of Shawario

Once upon a time in a land far away, amidst