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We have catered to the tastebuds of Delhi since 2009 and now we have decided to welcome you on board to become a member of our The Tummy Section clan by bring smackalicious flavours of our OG Shawario, Cheeky buns, Crunchwich and our other signature dishes to your venue.  

House parties are fun but do you know what makes them truly memorable? Good food! The way to win hearts over is through the delectable taste buds that sing with joy when The Tummy Section is invited to your party. Gatherings big or small are all welcome to avail TTS’s catering services! 

Yes, you most definitely are! We cater for house parties, gatherings big or small, events and will ensure your special day is forever immortalised with the memories of our delectable food.  

We bring our OG, crowd pleaser dishes, excellent service and camaraderie to your doorstep. The menu can be curated specifically to cater the needs of your party or event. We hear, understand and believe in delivering what your tummy truly desires.  

The Tummy Special catering service offers lucrative packages to suffice your needs. Contact us by filling out the Catering form below and we will reach out to you with a personalized package shortly.  

We at TTS take pride and extra caution to deliver our OG flavours time and again with a bang. You could eat at our cafe, order our takeaway or get our catering service, and be assured that the flavours that your tummy remembers are same, homogenous and smackalicious irrespective of wherever you are in the world.

Your wish is our command. Fill in your details in the Catering Form and we’ll get in touch with you in a giffy. Alternatively, you could always reach out to us via social media or drop us a Howdy on We are eager to hear from you! 

Catering Tummies Since 2009!

We cater to your tummy needs with our crowd-pleaser signature dishes, gracious service and warmth. Celebrations in life are special and nothing makes those special moments memorable like The Tummy Section.

Avail our catering service to be a part of our tummy clan!


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