Roti, kapda aur makaan might be the three major necessities of life, but a true foodie knows breakfast, lunch and dinner are the real pillars of sustenance.
Some people eat to live and others live to eat read below to find out which team do you belong to!

Shawarma is the one and only love of your life

Mere paas gaadi hai, bangla hai, paisa hai aur Maa bhi hai.
Tumhare paas kya hai?
Mere paas Shawar-maa hai!

There are two things in life that are irreplaceable. One is Maa and the other is Shawar-maa. Maa raises you to face life and Shawar-maa adds flavour to that life. If Shawarma is your valentine and love of your life like Shawario is The Tummy Section’s bae then you are in a very healthy relationship with food, my friend.

Food in my mind and in my tummy

What do you call that time of the day when it’s past lunch and dinner is still ages away? It’s the time when hunger pangs kick in and all you can think of is satisfying that food addiction. It is the Tummy Section time! You’re a true foodie when the mouth watering Shawario, crazy Crunchwhich and Cheeky Buns are all you can think about. We don’t blame you, The Tummy Section is on our mind 24×7 too!

Diet is your nemesis

You can exercise, do yoga, zumba,  gym, voodoo, anything to keep your health in check if needed but the mere thought of going on a diet gives you anxiety. Your palms get sweaty, you become light headed and just the mention of the word salad gives you cramps. You love your food and like every die-hard foodie, you’ll do anything to never go on a diet.

The only big juicy mess that you want in your life is a burger

Some call it a burger and a true Tummy Section Foodie calls it a blessing. You like your life simple and the only glorious mess that you want in your life is a juicy, finger licking good burger that can turn any bad day into a good one.

Foodgasm is real and you are its poster child

You are a happy soul who takes pleasure in simple joys of life, like the oozing cheese pull from your Crunchwich, or the tender chicken mince that bursts with flavour in your mouth or those creamy chicken drums that reminds you of heaven. You are a simple person, you see The Tummy Section and your heart skips a beat.

Travel the world by tasting its essence

You are a wanderer at heart. You have got a travel bug that will not let you rest because you wish to see the world, explore different cultures to experience every bit of food goodness they have to offer. You wish to travel by tasting its essence and forever carrying it in your palate. You call Italy- pasta heaven, Spain- paella passion and Delhi- The Tummy Section kingdom.

Being a foodie is a superpower because some people are led in life by their heart whilst foodies are led by their gut. You are a free spirit who can be found wherever your taste buds take you, and if that destination often tends to be The Tummy Section then welcome to the tribe fam, we are here for you!

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